One of the top fitness goals for men and women of all ages is to tone and shape their waistlines, including toning the abdominal muscles. Gyms all over the U.S. have many different classes for reducing the waistline and toning the abs. Crunch classes and belly dancing classes that target the abs are two of the more popular classes gyms and fitness centers. People often tend to get discouraged when they start taking the class, but don’t see immediate results. You really only need to wait about three weeks before you can start seeing a difference. The waistline is one of the more difficult areas to tone, but you will certainly see the results if you just stick with the class or other exercise program. People generally want to reduce their waistlines to improve their figures, but there are even better reasons to reduce your waistline.

Studies have been conducted over the past several years that reveal that men with a waist measurement of over 40 inches and women with a measurement of over 35 inches have a greater risk for heart disease and stroke. Thus, there is an even better reason for reducing your waistline (especially if it is greater than the indicated figures). Of course, you need to work out in order to keep your waistline in shape. As with any part of your body, or your entire body for that matter, when it comes to reducing and toning, you need to participate in both diet and exercise. You cannot justify working out and performing exercises to reduce your waist if you go out and eat a hamburger and French fries after doing so. To be successful in your fitness endeavors, you need to address your exercise issues, as well as your food issues. For a weight reduction and fitness program to be effective, your body must have regular exercise as well as a proper diet.

By following this type of program, your body will be provided with the necessary fuel it needs to reduce fat. This is crucial in order to get optimum results in your weight loss and fitness program. It is also important in order to maintain weight and stay physically fit. When diet is mentioned, people often think of specific types of diets, such as the high-protein diets, low carb diets, and even the “grapefruit diet. ” However, diet should mean a healthy diet that incorporates all food groups into your daily meals. You should maintain a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as sufficient protein and unsaturated fats. Maintain a food journal in which you write down everything that you eat.

This is a great way to monitor your cravings that occur throughout the day. It is probably best to avoid too much fiber while working on diminishing your waistline. While fiber does fill the stomach up faster, it also provides bulk which can lead to bloating. To achieve and maintain a flat stomach, it is best to incorporate a lot of water and/or fresh fruit with fiber in order that it will move through your system faster. You should also cut down on your salt intake to avoid bloating from water retention. The recommended daily allowance of sodium is 2500mg per day for an average adult; however, the average adult consumes more than 3500 mg of sodium a day. It is also a good idea to cut down on sodium to decrease the risk of high blood pressure and kidney disease.

After you have started keeping a daily journal to monitor your food intake, it is time to start thinking about cardiovascular exercise. When it comes to losing fat around your midline, it is best to lose it first before toning and shaping those particular muscles. Exercises that you can do to encourage weight loss include swimming, fast walking and interval training. The activity that actually burns the most calories is swimming; this is due to the manner in which the water supports the body. The muscles expend more calories in propelling you through the water because they do not need to be concerned about keeping your frame upright and moving forward. Water also needs more effort to push it and move forward, thus it requires more effort from muscles. You, therefore, burn more calories and fat with this type of movement.

You can get a good workout from brisk walking, especially when walking in areas that are hilly and will challenge your muscles, rather than on flat surfaces which will not provide you with as much of a workout. This workout can be duplicated in the comfort of your own home by utilizing a treadmill that contains an adjustable incline. You may also include arm movements in your walk which will also help increase your heart rate and metabolism, and burn more calories. Interval training is a good training method because you can incorporate various exercises into your workout. You can walk briskly whether you are at the gym on a treadmill or at home around your neighborhood, and you can participate in strength training whether at home or at the gym. You can also easily switch from cardio to strength training. After you have burned the fat away from your waistline, you will be ready to tone your waist with exercises.

Sit-ups will firm your stomach, but will not really decrease your waistline. Try a hula-hoop instead, or take a class at your gym that emphasizes waistline reduction. A fun class to take for this purpose is belly dancing. It will not only slim your sides, but will also burn many calories. However, it should not take the place of your normal cardio workout program. If you routinely engage in regular exercise and maintain a healthy diet, you will have a trim waistline before you know it.